The Top 10 Exercises To Increase Your Vertical Jump

exercises to improve your vertical jumpVertical jumping ability usually translates to numerous sports. One of the easiest and most effective ways to become a better athlete is to simply improve your vertical and in the process you get stronger, more flexible and quicker. The best way of improving your vertical is by alternating power and strength cycles in order for your central nervous system to learn the concept of acceleration. You need to generate extreme force very quickly in order to produce peak power. Let’s explore some effective exercises and tips on how to increase your vertical jump.

  1. Ankle jumps:  To perform the ankle jump stand straight with your arms extended straight over your head. Now, with your arms over your waist and the knees slightly bent, jump up and down off your toes. It is essential to focus on performing ankle jumps in a quick and precise manner, keeping yourself in exactly the same spot on the floor. Each set should have about 10 repetitions and you can start with 3 sets.
  1. Squats:  Squats can be performed with or without weights. When performing squats, you simply need to stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and lower your body down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. You can hold dumbbells with your arms straight down to make the exercise even more challenging.
  1. Calf raises:  With the toes of your feet positioned on a raised step, let the heels hang and use your toes to push up your unsupported body weight. Hold and count to three before letting your unsupported body weight down slowly. In order for this to be done properly, your heels should be lower than your toes. Complete ten repetitions for a total of three sets.
  1. Truck jumps:  Stand in a half squat position with the knees over the toes, your hips back and the shoulders over the knees. For balance, you can stretch your hands out in front. Now, jump as high as possible and bring the knees to the chest at the top of your jump. You should land in a controlled and soft manner with the hips back and the shoulders just over the knees. Hold the position for about two seconds before repeating the jump.
  1. Squat jumps: Start is a squat position with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands touching the floor just in front of your toes. Since the knees are bent approximately 90 degrees, the chest should be directly over the thighs.

Explode up jumping as high as possible with your hands reaching for the sky. Be sure to land soft in the starting position with your hips back and the knees over the toes. Repeat the squat jump immediately and do about three sets with five repetitions each.  We believe this is one of the best vertical jump training program exercises’ you can do.

  1. Lunge jumps:  Stand in a semi-lunge position with one foot stationed about a foot in front of the other. Your front knee should sit at a 90 degree angle with your back leg directly under your body.

Hold your arms out straight for balance. Jump as high as possible and alternate foot position mid air. Land softly in the mirror image of your starting position and do 10 repetitions for each set.

  1. Broad jumps: Stand with your feet shoulder with apart and your toes on a line for balance, you can simply stretch out your arms straight in front of you.

Keep your feet stationary and bend down using your knees. Roll back and jump forward as far as possible before landing softly and under control. Besides using your arms for balance, you can also use them to further your distance. Hold for a second before performing the next broad jump. Perform three sets of five repetitions each.

  1. Step ups: Step ups are great for developing fast, explosive ability especially when you are jumping off one leg. Stand in front of a bench or chair box so you can thrust your body up with one leg. Raise the right foot onto the bench with the left foot on the ground.

Thrust your entire body explosively into the air with the right foot. Switch legs mid air and land with your left foot on the bench and your right foot on the ground. Do the next step up with your left leg and switch legs mid air again. That is one set. Perform ten repetitions for each set.

  1. Rim touches: You simply need to find a basket ball rim and explode as high as you can, reaching out for the rim. Moreover, you should take just one set jump. Each set should have five rim touches after which you should rest for a minute. You can do about three sets. This is an effective way of training your stamina which ultimately increases your vertical jump.
  1. Squat hops: Besides improving your explosive leaping ability, squat hops are great for improving acceleration and agility which are all essential when improving your vertical jump.

With your feet shoulder width apart, lower your body into the squat position with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight. Jump about two inches off your toes while still maintaining the squat position. On the final squat hop in the set, explode out of your squat position as high as possible into the air. Each set should have about 20 or 25 reps. Do three sets.

There is a correlation between your vertical jump performance, how quickly you move laterally and how fast you run. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to increase your vertical jump. Besides giving you physical advantage over your opponents, if you can jump higher than them, you also enjoy the mental advantage of intimidating them.  One program that implements all of the above exercises and is considered one of the top programs online.  Go here to check it out, it’s the best Vert Shock review online.


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